Public Administration

Working with various players in public administration, municipalities, hospitals, institutions and affiliated companies, municipal entities, and universities is a unique opportunity for us to focus on and care for collective well-being.

We care about public value, the value generated by individuals and organizations that are committed to improve the welfare of citizens, businesses, and all stakeholders.

«This is what I know: when we fight for the common good, we do the most beautiful and sacred thing in the world.»

Our goal is to assist public administrations through the transformation processes they are facing, with a particular focus on the selection/development of people and the increasingly efficient organization of services

In compliance with the Procurement Code, we commit to:

  • Develop methodological/technical support paths tailored specifically to each unique context.
  • Enhance the quality of service, aiming to achieve the best possible result.
  • Identify a team of consultants that meets all the qualifications required by the relevant tender.

We believe that the value of people is the most important asset, with particular focus in public administration, it’s essential to invest in it to provide the community with high-level services.

Consulting can be grouped into three specific areas.


We approach the entire selection process rigorously, ensuring maximum transparency, the absence of any conflicts of interest, and implementing tools and methodologies to make it as objective as possible.

Devup recruiters are capable of:

  • Assisting the organization in setting up the tender and defining profile requirements.
  • Identifying impartial criteria for selecting applications to review.
  • Designing the most suitable assessments for a thorough evaluation of technical skills, thanks to collaboration with expert contacts, whether internal or external to the organization.
  • Participating in commissions to assess soft skills and motivation, taking into absolute consideration the mission and values of the institution, and making the choice of the ideal candidate shared and motivated.
  • Documenting individual steps and overseeing all phases of publishing the results, in compliance with the timelines and procedures prescribed by regulations, protecting the privacy of participants.

Devup trainers are available to:

  • Design content starting from the analysis of the organization, to stimulate direct experimentation and use in the daily context.
  • Foster opportunities for exchange and sharing information and experiences among participants.
  • Develop a sustainable path for users that can access classroom remote, blended, individual, or group training.
  • Ensure constant reference to the training content through the use of the interactive online platform, to view materials, perform exercises, and delve into aspects of interest.
  • Measure the ROI of the training through a platform that allows quantifying the actual improvement in daily behaviors acquired in the training program


Our trainers design training interventions following the Devup Gym methodology, our skill training gym developed to provide maximum effectiveness to adult training programs.

Counseling Desk Management

Our team of psychologists manages counseling desks, a service aimed at creating an open and non-judgmental environment in which individuals can feel welcomed and supported in understanding and processing the discussed topics.

Some essential and indispensable requirements of our approach:

  • Professional confidentiality
  • Welcome
  • Absense of judgment
  • Helpfulness
  • Expertise
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