YOU ARE UNIQUE and you can create a customised path for yourself. Find the DEVUP SESSION that’s better for you


Dedicated to graduates who, before starting their careers, want to learn about their attitudes and be able to orient themselves when choosing a stable profession.


Dedicated to those with a few years of experience who are seeking a change of company, of position, and who need to refocus goals and opportunities.


Dedicated to experienced people, with an already consolidated professional career who need to focus on their personal and professional attitude.

 The tools that we make available to you in the DEVUP SESSION will help you answer these questions.

devup_GOCCIA-small assessment
  • What are my strengths and what are my potential limitations?
  • How am I perceived by others?
devup_GOCCIA-small orientation
  • What should my course of action be after my studies?
  • How does the corporate world work?
devup_GOCCIA-small career coaching
  • How do I plan my desire to change job?
  • How will I achieve such a change?
devup_GOCCIA-small life coaching
  • How do I improve my Work-Life Balance?
  • How do I give an impetus to my life?
devup_GOCCIA-small counseling
  • How will I get through these challenging times?
  • How can I reorder my ideas?