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Are you looking for individual advice?
Our team of professionals (psychologists, coaches, counsellors, HR consultants) offers personalized career counselling tailored to your specific needs.

Career counselling allows you to gain a competitive advantage in the job market through the analysis and enhancement of self-marketing tools, awareness of strengths and areas of development.

«Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others»


Dedicated to recent graduates who, before starting their professional experience, want to discover their aptitudes and orient themselves in choosing a consistent profession.

Dedicated to individuals with a few years of experience who are seeking a change in company or position and need to refocus their goals and opportunities.



Dedicated to experienced individuals, with a well-established professional background, who need to take stock of their personal and professional framework 

help you answer these questions:


What are my strengths and potential limitations?
How am I perceived by others?

Career coaching

How do I plan my desire for a career change?
How do I make it happen?

Life coaching

How do I improve my Work-Life Balance?
How do I give a boost to my life?


How do I overcome this moment?
How do I organize my thoughts?

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