Devup Gym

Devup Gym is a real training ground for skill development: individuals can experience change and challenge themselves in a protected and stimulating environment, supporting their gradual evolution.

The DevupGym Academy is born from the awareness that the most effective learning model for adults is undoubtedly experiential. It is the practical experience that allows individuals to become aware of their habits, modify and develop ideas, perspectives, attitudes, behaviours, knowledge, and skills.

«A brain that acts is a brain that learns »


DevupGym’s paths aim to provide the company with the best possible result in terms of effectiveness and sustainability. They are flexible and can be conducted both in-person and through distance learning.

We offer various tailor-made training plans and have identified specific tools for four macro areas of intervention.

Our training approach

Active experimentation

of content for 65%-70% of classroom time

Practical training tools

provided for each module

Remote support

from trainers to define action plans between modules

High customization

in relation to the population, through modular and integrable paths with development actions already undertaken by the company

of the training ROI

through the support of our proprietary system, which allows measuring when the training path has impacted individuals and effectively upgraded their skills.

Flexible delivery

in-person, through distance learning, or in a mixed mode

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