We are entering a new ”era” : digital transformation, automation and artificial intelligence requires new skills and new communications rules, we help companies and people to face this new idea of “Future”.

Companies are seeking candidates with resilience, problem-solving skills, proactiveness, empathy, curiosity, flexibility, and teamwork abilities.
Candidates are seeking companies with a peaceful and collaborative environment, clear role definitions, a balance between personal and professional life, ethics, respect, and higher compensations.
Our challenge is finding the contact point between these two worlds.

“Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success”


Recruitment is a complex task that requires rhythm, harmony, and continuous alignment.
Hiring a new person is a delicate choice , having an impact on the structure and on the entire system. It’s not just about ‘adding or replacing’, but about balancing current and future resources necessary to pursue continuously evolving goals.

Our goal is: understand your organization culture and identify individuals who could integrate better your team.

We help you understand where to find them, how the job market is evolving, and what it entails to bring them on board

We know how to investigate an applicant because the success of a selection depends on a perfect alignment between his/her skills, motivations, and expectations.

An assessment is a testing process wherein an assessor can judge the skill or attitude of the assessed person or group of person.
Our question is: who among a pool of candidates is more aligned with the role expectations and, therefore, more likely to successfully fill it? We propose individual or group assessment, as the most appropriate investigative tool. It’s structure and the chosen tools allow evaluating candidates in a hyperstimulated environment, decontextualized from their daily activities.
In this way we recognize the « strongest » skills, those that can become true talents for the individual and the company, and the « weaker » skills, which can only be transformed into areas of attention and training through a path of awareness.

Recruiting assessment

Assessment for Managers, Professionals, and Specialists

It is the management of the candidates that sets us apart. In the meeting with them, we can investigate and understand deeply:

  • Their expectations
  • The drivers guiding their motivation
  • What they can do and would like to learn
  • Their approach to work
  • The values that distinguish them

The assessment interview is a unique opportunity for knowledge, learning, and discussion for all parties involved.
Periodic feedback and follow up are the milestones of our selection projects.

A strategic profile requires a dedicated team. To finalize the successful integration of an Executive Profile, we consider it essential to:

  • Build a value proposition that arises from a deep understanding of the context, such as values, organizational culture, company development perspectives, areas of responsibility and role goals.
  • Identify a valuable candidate who can fit into the current reality while enriching it with his experience.
  • Certify our choice through an in-depth skills analysis conducted by a team of psychologists who will build a tailored assessment with precise verification of references
  • Protect the company and the candidate throughout the onboarding process with feedback, follow-ups, and micro coaching sessions

All our Executive candidates are guaranteed and referenced.

Executive Assessment

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