People & Colture

We believe in the respons-ability of people, the ability to choose how to respond to events by becoming protagonists of their own path, developing their skills, and transforming mistakes into opportunities for growth.

We believe in the respons-ability of companies, the ability to hold on the values that guide decisions and lead to results by valuing people, using consciously and sustainably resources, and generating value for themselves and the entire system.

«Change is inevitable, but personal growth is a choice»


Our development team takes your company and your people along a value-driven journey that, by passing through awareness, empowerment, and skill development, leads to the results you have set.

For us, the company is a living entity, unique and complete, composed of head, heart, soul, and body. We take care of each component through dedicated paths and services, tailored specifically for each individual context and stakeholder.

If your Head

We reason with you and support your company in translating an effective and sustainable people strategy, in conducting change management processes, in developing performance management systems, and in constructing the most suitable competency model.

For you, we have designed paths entirely dedicated to well-being, aiming to make people feel at the core of their development and growth possibilities. Our paths can be individual or group-oriented, and our team of psychologists is available for organizing and activating corporate listening services.

If your Heart

If your Soul

For you, we have developed creative solutions using customized and specific surveys alongside consultancy projects that use the Lego Serious Play® methodology. Our aim is to identify unique aspects of your organization, enhance them, and promote their diffusion both internally and externally

For you, we have created: Assessment paths that allow you to measure and verify the achieved results; Coaching paths, both individual and team based, which will serve as accelerators for the change you wish to observe in people and workgroups. DevupGym, the skills academy where you can consistently train within specially designed programs

If your Body

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