Research is a complex task that requires continuous rhythm, tuning and alignment.

For the company

  • The profile, the application and the selection interview are no longer sufficient.
  • We focus on quality, we use ad hoc research methods and we evaluate candidates with different professionals and tools.
  • We “guarantee” our candidacies.
  • Our work doesn’t end upon signing of the recruitment contract.
  • For us, selection is a long-term commitment.

For the candidate

  • We give you transparent feedback.
  • We listen to your needs.
  • We are skilled in understanding you completely.
  • We support your upgrades
  • Many candidates have become customers over time!

What companies are currently mostly requesting from us:

Professional Mapping

A different approach to selection, necessary to centre the search for certain candidates, made possible thanks to the activity of scouting of a dedicated team .

modular proposal which takes into account the level of detail and the depth of analysis required by the client company.

A task performed with the utmost professionalism, guaranteeing a symmetry of information between company and potential candidates.

Talents come back

Sometimes talents return, rediscovering in Italy that important work-life balance to which they aspired.

Our consultants are able to support the company in understanding the dynamics of international markets and the motivations that drive candidacies to and from foreign countries, facilitating the meeting between mutual projects.

They are also able to provide ad hoc advice to candidates to assist them in rationalising their expectations, in the selection of opportunities and in the reconstruction of a network of contacts.