The company is a unique and comprehensive LIVING BEING, made up of head, heart, body and soul.

the Head

  • decides the objectives
  • indicates the strategy
  • guides change.

devup_GOCCIA-small change management

devup_GOCCIA-small organisational check up

devup_GOCCIA-small performance management

the Heart

  • guides motivation and energy
  • fosters relationships
  • determines behaviours

devup_GOCCIA-small leadership development

devup_GOCCIA-small emotional analysis

devup_GOCCIA-small deep motivation check

devup_GOCCIA-small team building

the Soul

  • is the profound essence of the company
  • distinguishes and identifies it on the market
  • survives and goes beyond individuals

devup_GOCCIA-small climate analysis

devup_GOCCIA-small employer branding

devup_GOCCIA-small corporate social responsability

the Body

  • conditions the efficiency and effectiveness of the strategy
  • must be trained and kept in shape

devup_GOCCIA-small assessment development

devup_GOCCIA-small coaching

devup_GOCCIA-small training

What companies are currently mostly requesting from us:

Speed and Deep Assessment

Provide responses to the following questions:

How best to identify the actual training needs of the population and its strengths?

How best to evaluate the fit between person and role?

How best to evaluate the real potential for the development of a person?

How best to support a manager in his development path?

How best to ascertain if a talented young person is also aligned to the corporate culture?

How best to recognise the most promising candidates on a large scale evaluation?

Team Coaching

Provides response to the following questions:

How best to create a winning team with a variety of people?

How best to change the way of thinking of an already well established group?

How best to foster the integration of new members or a new boss within the group?

How best to identify solutions or solve problems with new practices?