We work with people we trust, that we recognise both personally and professionally

The network

Devup began as an enterprise network with its roots in Emilia Romagna. 

Through close partnerships with excellent consultancy companies and expert consultants, we are developing our aspiration towards innovation and an international presence.

We are therefore successfully offering a range of complete integrated and high-level solutions, respecting the uniqueness and the needs of client companies.

The 3 of Us

Devup begins with the 3 of us.

Daniela Bisetti, Elisa Nadiani and Veronica Bitelli, and this is also our Upgrade.

3 expert professionals, 3 women and 3 mums who felt the need to make “the leap”, drawing on and combining skills for the development of a qualified network.

We are different: in terms of age, education, location and character.

We share: values, vision, approach to work and a dream to be realised together.

We listen to you, we reason with you and we are not satisfied until the solution becomes YOURS